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Because time is money and money is, well... money.

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Peace of Mind

Protection & Contracts

No more hacked templates from Google searches. Roam provides curated legal contracts with creatives in mind. Keep yourself, clients, and your business covered with Roam's briefs, templates, and invoices.
Peace of Mind

Protection & Contracts

No more hacked templates from Google searches. Roam provides curated legal contracts with creatives in mind. Keep yourself, clients, freelancers, and your business covered with Roams briefs, templates, and invoices.
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Know Exactly What to Charge

Roam's Fee Finder helps you accurately price your work using crowd-sourced data and national living wage data from MIT.

Manage Creative Projects Like a Pro

Roam is built by creatives, for creatives. Our project management system is like no other. It was built specifically with creatives in mind.

Protect Your Business With Savvy Contracts

Stop struggling with copy-pasted contracts from unreliable sources. Roam provides creatives with legal contracts to protect themselves against business mishaps.

Streamline Reviews & Approvals

Roam's Review Studio makes online proofing easy peasy. No more long email chains, and forget clunky, outdated software (we won't name names).
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Built by Creatives, for Creatives

Organize your client list, juggle tasks and deadlines effortlessly, craft contracts, sign digitally, and even snag feedback on your masterpieces - all under one roof!
Graphic Designers
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70% of creatives say they regularly underprice their work.

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You had enough instant ramen during art school. Roam's Fee Finder helps you earn a living wage by estimating fair project fees.

Crowd-Sourced Wisdom

Our wage data comes from creatives just like you who self-reported their incomes.

Living Wage Data

Through our partnership with TRS and MIT, we only suggest a fee that would be considered a fair living wage based on your local market.

It Gets Better With Time, Baby

We strengthen our fee estimates as more and more people use the app.

Validated by Pros

Our estimates have been tested and validated by industry veterans. Feel confident in asking for what you're worth.

Reduce Pushback

Clients being cheap af? Our stamp of approval acts as extra validation that your fees are fair and worth paying.

For the Greater Good

Increasing your bottom dollar helps the industry as a whole. Cheap labour undermines creative work and creates a race to the bottom. Make bank, for the good of humanity.

We give thanks where thanks is due.
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Stop paying multiple subscriptions and wasting time on admin.

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How much do graphic designers make?

The salary of a graphic designer can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, level of experience, education, industry, and the specific company they work for. Freelance graphic designers may have more variability in their income, depending on their client base and the projects they undertake. Use Roam's Fee Finder to establish fair project fees for your graphic design projects.

How much do photographers make?

Freelance photographers may have fluctuating incomes depending on the demand for their services, while staff photographers for media outlets or corporations may receive a more stable salary with benefits. Overall, photography income can vary greatly, and it's essential to consider multiple factors when estimating potential earnings in this field. Use Roam's Fee Finder to establish fair fees for your photography projects.

How does Roam's pricing calculator help pay transparency?

Getting started with Roam will be intentionally designed to be a seamless experience. Although we are still in the building phase, we prioritize personal onboarding. Our founders take the time to guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition. They are committed to providing hands-on support, making it easy for you to navigate and utilize the features of Roam.

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Built by Creative Women

Roam is a 100% female-founded company created by digital creatives like you. Our team's industry experience is robust: we're graphic designers, creative directors, ex-Meta, software engineers, photographers, and agency owners. Roam is the collective effort of artists and designers who want to do away with the notion that a creative career means being broke.

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