Meet the Founding Team at Roam

We're Stef, Kim, and Sandy. With backgrounds spanning freelancing and Fortune 500 companies, we intimately understand the challenges of balancing the creative and business sides of your journey. At Roam, we're constructing a toolbox of solutions to streamline the administrative aspects of creative businesses.

a woman sitting on a stool in front of a camera
Stef Palumbo

CEO & Co-Founder

Mindfulness master, foodie, dual citizen, avid hiker, “taboo” topics obsessed.

a woman smiling at camera
Kim Price

COO & Co-Founder

Aspiring digital nomad, child of God, two time founder, small business advocate.

a woman in a white blouse
Sandy Pranjic

CTO & Co-Founder

Actual digital nomad, lifelong coder, environmentalist, a friend to all dogs.

Why are we dedicated to building Roam?

Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs in the creative space with the practical tools and support to streamline their workflows and thrive in business.

We've all encountered the notion that pursuing a creative career leads to financial struggles. As female founders in the tech startup realm, and with our diverse first-gen and POC backgrounds, we're committed to eliminating as many barriers as possible.

Our initial solution tackles the first hurdle encountered by creative solo-entrepreneurs: determining and receiving a fair market rate. We need to remove the frustrating process of justifying prices to clients and the confusion surrounding what to price in general. We need price transparency and data to back this. Our AI-enhanced fee finder is that.

Come along on our journey as we continue developing  Roam and share any other challenges you face in running your creative business. Your input is needed as we continue to grow and tweak our offerings.

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