Creatives deserve to get paid fair market value. That's why we're building Fee Finder, a tool to help creatives accurately price their work.

We're collecting crowd-sourced data to help digital creatives get paid fairly.
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Why focus on pricing first?

Creatives often undervalue their work, resulting in a race to the bottom in pricing that undermines the entire industry. By starting here, we aim to foster a more sustainable and efficient creative ecosystem where both artists and clients can benefit.

Inefficiencies Cost

According to our preliminary data, creatives spend 60% of their time on administrative task like payroll, contracts, and invoicing.

Undervaluing of Services

On average, creatives charge less per hour ($71), than those providing technical services ($90) or professional services ($103).

Frugal Clients

One-third (33%) of independent professionals who raised their prices experienced some or a lot of pushback from clients this year.

Where will Roam focus next?

This is just the beginning: the industry evolves and so will we. We’ve committed to building what you need when you need it.


Q1 2024

Organizational Support

Roam provides curated legal contracts and streamlined project management processes, ensuring organization and efficiency like never before.
Q3 2024

Nextwork Expansion

Connect and foster collaboration with fellow Roam users through work showcases, internal messaging, and community events catered to you.
Q4 2024

Continued Learning

Grow through a variety of offerings, including courses from our affiliates, informative lunch and learn sessions, and personalized recommendations crafted exclusively for you.