June 14, 2024

The Un-Ordinary: An Anti-Gatekeeping Series on Freelancing (Featuring Jeremy Mura)

Meet Jeremy Mura.

Jeremy is a branding and web design expert who helps both startups and aspiring creatives. He's designed bold visual identities and websites, and even educated over 85,000 students on Skillshare. His teaching covers branding, design, the use of AI in design, and tips for freelancers.

What's the craziest design request you've ever received?

After presenting 4 solid logo concepts the client comes back and goes "make them a little more professional. I've attached a few examples I did myself?"

What do you do when you get stuck creatively?

Work out in the gym, go for walks, stepping away from the computer and my home usually works.

If you could design a new emoji, what would it be?

Someone gaming on a PC

Some of Jeremy's favorite work
What are the most common forms of gatekeeping you've observed?
How do you think we as a community could change them?
  • How to price projects or hiding how much someone charged for a project.
  • Not telling what templates or brand strategy frameworks a designer is using.
  • Hiding their resources like mockup sites, or where they find certain assets etc.

It's gotten better over the years the top designers share more of their process, pricing and how to find clients etc

What's your greatest pain point in managing your business?

Not having a clone of myself 😂jks. Managing multiple tasks for a project and doing admin, outreach, designing all at the same time. It gets overwhelming when you have a lot of projects going on. Managing your energy and time is the most important thing because it's limited each day.

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"The Un-Ordinary: An Anti-Gatekeeping Series on Freelancing" by Roam.

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