January 3, 2024

Review Studio

Review Studio: Let's Create Your Experience, Together through Client Feedback

Creative entrepreneurs, are you ready to elevate your client relationships and take your business to new heights? Welcome to Roam where we are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections through client feedback. Whether you're looking to craft the perfect client proposal, seeking guidance on asking for feedback from clients, or searching for the ideal client feedback questions, you've come to the right place.

Asking for Feedback from Clients

Nail it with your clients by mastering how to ask for feedback like a pro! Roam’s tried-and-tested strategies and client feedback email templates will guide you in initiating meaningful conversations that foster trust, transparency, and collaboration.

Client Feedback Email Template

Crafting the perfect client feedback email shouldn't feel like a hassle. Let Roam’s customizable email templates do the heavy lifting for you. Simply plug in your details, hit send, and watch as valuable insights pour in, shaping your business for the better.

Client Feedback Questions

Discover the gems of wisdom hiding within your client interactions with Roam’s curated collection of client feedback questions. From project feedback, communication improvements to closing more business, these questions will unlock invaluable insights that drive meaningful financial growth.

Join our community of creative entrepreneurs who are redefining client relationships through the power of feedback. Together, let's paint a masterpiece of collaboration, innovation, and success. Your Feedback. Your Voice. Your Journey.

Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs in the creative space with the practical tools and support to streamline their workflows and thrive in business. Roam's Review Studio makes online proofing easy peasy. No more long email chains, and forget clunky, outdated software (we won't name names).

1. How to collect feedback from clients?

Collecting feedback from clients has traditionally been done through long email threads or shared Google documents. Although this has worked thus far, we wanted something with less friction. Roam’s Review Studio condenses and organizes all the feedback and revisions in one organized and easy to understand place. Also also suggest scheduling a meeting if a more in-depth discussion is needed to improve the project.

2. Why is client feedback important?

Client feedback is a standard practice within the design industry. Despite our diligent efforts to inquire, attentively listen, and deliver work that closely aligns with the client's specifications, feedback and requested edits are anticipated. It's essential not to perceive this feedback personally. Instead, use it as a constructive tool to refine your work, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. Furthermore, continued collaboration with a client enables a deeper understanding of their vision, facilitating the anticipation of their future needs with greater clarity.

3. Is there a template for curating responses to negative / positive client feedback?

We suggest checking in with the client periodically throughout the project. Getting a temperature check on how things are going from their perspective. You can add these notes to the Projects section in Roam to refer back to. 

4. What is an adequate amount of time(s) to receive feedback from clients?

We advise scheduling a post-mortem, also known as a post-project review, as the project concludes. In a business setting, its aim is to assess successes, failures, and areas for improvement in future endeavors. This process offers valuable insights, refines work methodologies, and optimizes future opportunities. It's also an opportune moment to discuss potential new projects with the client moving forward.

Photo by Joseph Pearson and Onur Binay on Unsplash